[Snort-users] FW: Flex Response on Win32 - MY BAD?

Beech, Martin Martin.Beech at ...6328...
Tue Jul 16 05:36:10 EDT 2002

What I forget to mention was that the FTP server was running on the SNORT
machine, and that the FTP client was on my SYSLOG server (two machines, on
my desk that are "safe" to play around with), to which SNORT forwards

If I use another machine to connect to the FTP server and try to get a file
named "passwd" the connection is dropped as expected.

Presumably, the sending of the syslog message negates the ICMP* messages -
i.e. both machines know they can reach other, cos they just sent/recv a
syslog message. But what about the closing down of the FTP port?


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> Subject:	Flex Response on Win32
> Hi there,
> New to snort. Trying to get it to kill connections under certain
> conditions and getting no joy. I'm using:
> SNORT Version 1.8.7beta5-ODBC-FlexRESP-WIN32 (Build 128)
> LIBNETNT.DLL (binary 1.0.2c) Downloaded from securitybugware.org today
> WPCAP 2.3
> W2K SP2
> I've tried the various libnetnt.dll's around, including the one with the
> distribution of Snort I installed. These either GPF'd or "PacketSendPacket
> fail"ed on me. The one I'm using from securitybugware does not produce
> errors, but it does not kill the connections either. The rule I'm testing
> under is 
> alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET 21 (msg:"FTP passwd retreval
> attempt"; flags:A+; content:"RETR"; nocase; content:"passwd"; resp:
> rst_all,icmp_all; reference:arachnids,213;
> classtype:suspicious-filename-detect; sid:356;  rev:4;)
> Am I doing something dumb - does the LIBNETNT.DLL need installing in some
> way, rather than just copying to the snort directory?
> Thanks in advance,
> Martin

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