[Snort-users] ssl problem

James Kelly macubergeek at ...5068...
Mon Jul 15 07:17:05 EDT 2002

Hi all
I've built a snortbox with mysql, openssl and acid.
When I surf to my snort box I get this error message...
Unable to establish a secure connection to ‘’. There is a 
problem with the security certificate form that site (The identity 
certificate name is not correct.)

The information you view and send will be readable to others while in 
transit, and it may not go to the intended party.

Continue loading this page?

Now when I click ok I can get to the acid console just fine...but....

Now does this indicate a problem with openssl or with the ssl 
certificate I created when I configured openssl?
Is this something I really need to fix? Does it mean that communicatiion 
is not encrypted?

jim kelly
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