[Snort-users] can't archive alerts in acid

James Kelly macubergeek at ...5068...
Sat Jul 13 12:36:02 EDT 2002

Well on Aidan's instructions I modified this part of acid_conf.php to 
read as follows:
$alert_dbname   = "snort";
$alert_host     = "localhost";
$alert_port     = "3306";
$alert_user     = "snort";
$alert_password = "entropy1_snort";

**The above part seems to work fine. But I'm guessing the below part 
needs to be modified:
/* Archive DB connection parameters */
$archive_dbname   = "snort_archive";
$archive_host     = "localhost";
$archive_port     = "";
$archive_user     = "root";
$archive_password = "mypassword";

Now I didn't create a database named snort_archive....how do I add this 
database? I'm a total newbie when it comes to mySQL
I guess I can use the same port 3306 as in the alert...I will want to 
use the same database user snort as archive_user and use a password of 
say "entropy1_archive"

Ok with your help...I think if I correctly modify the second entry above 
and create the new database in mySQL all should be ok...Can you advise 
me on that?

On Friday, July 12, 2002, at 04:49 PM, David Lawson wrote:

> It looks like you either have the wrong password for the root MySQL 
> account, or the user that ACID is trying to connect as doesn't exist, 
> or doesn't have permission to access the database it needs.  Did you 
> edit the acid_conf.php file?
> David Lawson
> James Kelly wrote:
>> Hi
>> I followed the instructions in Aidan Carty's pdf
>> everything installed fine
>> everything launches
>> I just have a wee problem with acid.
>> at the acid console I select a bunch of alerts and go to the bottom 
>> and do
>> archive alerts (copy) move Selected
>> but I get this error:
>> ------------------error message----------------------------
>> Added 0 alert(s) to the Alert cache
>> *Warning*: Access denied for user: 'root at ...274...' (Using password: 
>> YES) in */usr/local/apache/htdocs/adodb/adodb-mysql.inc.php* on line 
>> *105*
>> *Warning*: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: 
>> 'root at ...274...' (Using password: YES) in 
>> */usr/local/apache/htdocs/adodb/adodb-mysql.inc.php* on line *105*
>> *Error connecting to DB : *snort_archive at ...274...
>> Check the DB connection variables in /acid_conf.php/
>> = $alert_dbname : MySQL database name where the alerts are stored
>> = $alert_host : host where the database is stored
>> = $alert_port : port where the database is stored
>> = $alert_user : username into the database
>> = $alert_password : password for the username
>> --------------my question
>> is this something I gotta fix and if so how?
>> note to list admin...I'm subscribed under james.kelly at ...6312... I can't 
>> seem to change that to this email address....encryption error on web 
>> page.
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> Filnet Inc.
> dlawson at ...6318...
> 540.847.7937

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