[Snort-users] Upgrading and 1.8.1 version not reading current rules

chae chae at ...6316...
Fri Jul 12 21:30:21 EDT 2002

Hi Yah,

I have a Cobalt server with an old version of snort on it 1.8.1-i386 (based 
on Redhat 6.2)

I'm wanting to put on the latest version of Snort and wanted to know the 

Is Snort 1.8.7 compatible with the old version of Redhat/Cobalt OS?
If so can I simply install the latest version over the top of the existing one?

The 1.8.1 version was running okay until I downloaded the latest set of 
rules, uploaded as normal and now it's only reporting on ICMP and Virus 
rules nothing else, just wondered if anything has changed lately to cause 
this and if upgrading to latest version will alleviate it.



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