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Fri Jul 12 07:32:04 EDT 2002

I would recommend instead that you put a decent hub in rather than put the
snort box inline.  What happens when you have to reboot the snort server
box?  You (& your users & your web visitors) will lose the internet

So go with:

Cisco Router ---------------------HUB------------------Switch
                              Snort Sensor

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Subject: [Snort-users] snort setup

Hi all,

Here is my another naive question.  I want to put my
snort box in front of my switch because my swith is
not capable of port mirroring.

internet -> cisco router -> snort box -> switch ->

My future setup on snort box (redhat 7.3, snort -mysql
and 2 nic cards).

here now the question about the 2 nic what should I
used ip address to these 2 nic cards, should it be 2
public ip address? or 1 public IP address and 1
network address.

any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, brother in snort.

Alwin Raymundo

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