[Snort-users] Acid and Mysql with Snort

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Thu Jul 11 14:48:04 EDT 2002

What OS?  I found this little gem on mysql's site but
I doubt it applies to any other OS than FreeBSD:

FreeBSD Forums <info at ...6297...>: On high
volume servers using MySQL with FreeBSD it is also
recommended increasing MAXUSERS (i.e. basically
recompiling/rebuilding your kernel). FreeBSD Forums

--- "Hall, Duane" <Duane.Hall at ...4888...> wrote:
> I have a speed issue with ACID.  To give a little
> background:  I was using snort to capture packets
> for the Internet team to help diagnose an issue. 
> The only problem is they started stress testing
> without telling me.  So between 8:00am and lunch,
> snort and Mysql logged about 2.5 million of these
> packets.  I am proud to say it didn't loose a single
> packet.  Now my problem.  Mysql and ACID are slow. 
> It takes upwards of 2 - 5 minutes to run a query. 
> Are there any performance tuning scripts available
> for Mysql and the snort database. For now these
> logged packets aren't needed, so I am removing them
> from the database.  My question is what If the
> database ever has this issue again.  
> Duane
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