[Snort-users] snort logging to a mysql backend

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Thu Jul 11 14:46:09 EDT 2002

Yeah, I've had that happen, pretty annoying. ;)

If you can wait a week I'm sure my new doc will be
ready.  If you're happy with the old one, try rm
-rf'ing the Snort directory and when you
re-./configure --with mysql, don't specify the
directory where mysql is.  BSD usually finds it on
it's own.  I'm not sure why it doesn't find it when
you specify since that *is* where it is, but then
again an obstacle you can go around isn't really an

--- Vella James at MITTS <james.vella at ...6295...>
> hey guys!
> i have a headless freebsd 4.6 box, as setup per
> instructions "Tutorial for a Basic Snort/MySQL
> install on FreeBSD 4.4 Stable", yet the startup
> script (snort.sh located at /usr/local/etc/rc.d/)
> generates the below logs on startup, any ideas?
> *****************
> /kernel: rl0: promiscuous mode enabled
> snort: database: mysql support is not compiled in
> this copy
> snort: FATAL ERROR: Check your configurations file
> to be sure you did not mis-spell "mysql". If you did
> not, you will need to reconfigure and recomplile
> ensuring that u have set the correct options to the
> configure script. Type "./configure --help" to see
> options for the configure script.
> /kernel: rl0: promiscuous mode disabled
> ******************
> the above has been done. if i were to hash out the
> 'output to mysql' (syntax in snort.conf is perfect)
> in the snort.conf file and unhash (lets say) the xml
> logging the script works, and snort starts!
> can anyone shed any light, appologies if this is a
> dumb question, but i've been stumped!
> rgds
> james
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