[Snort-users] ACID - PostgreSQL new install problem

Brian Hughes hughbria at ...5864...
Thu Jul 11 10:09:02 EDT 2002

Hi Everyone,

I'm running snort 1.8.7 which appears to open my PostgreSQL database
without problem, and I've installed the latest version of ACID, but when
I go to http://machinename/acid/acid_main.php I get:

Warning: Unable to connect to PostgreSQL server: (null) in
/var/www/html/adodb/drivers/adodb-postgres64.inc.php on line 320

Error (p)connecting to DB : snort at ...274...

Check the DB connection variables in acid_conf.php 

               = $alert_dbname   : MySQL database name where the alerts
are stored 
               = $alert_host     : host where the database is stored
               = $alert_port     : port where the database is stored
               = $alert_user     : username into the database
               = $alert_password : password for the username

The acid_conf.php appears to me to be correct, so perhaps I'm doing
something else stupid, but I would certainly appreciate any ideas.

Thanks & Best Regards,

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