[Snort-users] Announcement: The Snortenstein Project

Ben Feinstein me at ...6289...
Thu Jul 11 07:23:23 EDT 2002

Hey ya'll,

I'm pleased to announce the creation of The Snortenstein Project
<http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/snortenstein/>, released under the GNU
GPLv2. Snortenstein is an automated patching system for Snort
<http://www.snort.org/>. Snortenstein guides you through the process of
choosing/selecting the patches you want to apply to Snort, and then
automatically patches your local Snort source tree. Snortenstein is modified
from "Rusty's patch-o-matic," part of the Netfilter project

Ben Feinstein <me at ...6289...>

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