[Snort-users] Patching Snort (was RFC: Forking Snort)

Ben Feinstein me at ...6289...
Thu Jul 11 07:23:16 EDT 2002

Hey ya'll,

I've been following the discussions on this list around the "Forking Snort"
thread and felt it was time to add my thoughts. I've been convinced by many
of the emails that forking Snort is not a good option at this time. To me,
the negatives seem to outweigh any potential benefit from such a move.

On 07/04/2002 21:00:11, Marty Roesch wrote:

>If code doesn't make it into the distro, people still have the option of
>maintaining it as a patch against the core distro, such as the "ac" patches
>for Linux or the SnortSAM module for Snort.  Because it doesn't make it in
>doesn't mean you can't maintain it separately.

I've begun work on a "patch-o-matic" system for Snort along with a
centralized repository for patches against the core Snort source distro. The
system is designed to allow for the centralized collection of "scrubbed"
code, rejected code, and candidate code. With the "patch-o-matic" for Snort,
this contributed code can receive more extensive testing across a larger
user base. The patch repository will also serve as a convenient way for
people to contribute new ideas that may not be ready for primetime.

An announcement of this project will be forthcoming.

Ben Feinstein <me at ...6289...>

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