[Snort-users] snort and libpcap and yacc and Debian: help me, please!

Roberto Suarez Soto robe at ...3881...
Thu Jul 11 01:55:02 EDT 2002

On Jul/11, Francesca Milanini wrote:

> Hell! 

	Wow. It must be a hard time for you, if you start the message just
like that :-) (I think it lacks an "o" and you wanted to say "Hello" :-))

> BUT so I must install Libpcap, before and I don't find how I can do it.
> I need the compiler "Yacc" but I don't find how I can install it in

	It comes in the "bison" package, IIRC. Anyway, you can upgrade a few
packages to sid and use the 1.8.6 version. I'm sure the maintainer will
upgrade to 1.8.7 soon :-)

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