[Snort-users] PHP front end tool for SNORT.

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Will I be able to install acidlab in windows OS? I've visited the
acidlab.sourceforge.net and tried to see windows support in FAQ and
can't any. 
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ACID: http://acidlab.sourceforge.net is a realy good free tool to view
the alers and
SnortCenter: http://user.pandora.be/larc is a great free tool to manage
your rules and remote sensors
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Subject: [Snort-users] PHP front end tool for SNORT.
Hi there!
I would like to know if there is a front-end tool (PHP based) that I can
use for reading SNORT that runs in Windows OS with MySQL database?
I'm currently using DEMARC tool to view my security, though this is
limited for personal use and 30 days only for businesses.
If I can confirm that PHP front end tool still not available for
Windows/MySQL, I will spend sometime to create one. No need to re-invent
a wheel if already exist.
Please let me know.
Thank you,
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