[Snort-users] detecting a sniff application

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Tue Jul 9 12:57:03 EDT 2002

If the application is a passive sniffer, then no.  Same reason that snort
can't be directly detected sniffing a network.  By actively scanning a
network you can find NICs that are in promisc mode, but that doesn't tell
you why (ethereal, tcpdump, snort, showeq, some other packet sniffer).

Now it might be able to detect someone intruding on the DSL connection.
Depends what they are doing and if snort has a rule for the behavior.

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is Snort capable of detecting a sniff application on a network, or an
Internet segment. 
Is it capable of detecting whether someone is intruding or sniffing a
DSL line for an internet user?
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