[Snort-users] Errors that don't cause problems / Problems without error message

kai.hanisch at ...2897... kai.hanisch at ...2897...
Tue Jul 9 04:01:04 EDT 2002

Hi there,

I have snort 1.8.6 running on debian woody with 2.4.19pre9, and snort is 
behaving strange. In syslog it says:

>FATAL ERROR: ERROR: Unable to open rules file:$PATH/snort.conf or 

which cannot be true as snort runs and logging works fine. The error 
occurs every morning when cron.daily is running.

This is just a matter of interest, but what really disturbs me is that 
portscans are not being logged. Though /var/log/snort/portscan.log is 
created, nothing is logged there (Configuration in snort.conf says: 
"preprocessor portscan: $HOME_NET 4 3 portscan.log"). I have 644 
permissions on alert and portscan.log, owner ist root:snort.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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