[Snort-users] More snort problems

Ashley Thomas athomas at ...5484...
Mon Jul 8 22:14:01 EDT 2002

Ok. i didnt read your mail completely. :)

Why dont you download snort.tar.gz from snort.org
then do a
- tar zxvf snort.1.8.6.tar.gz
(assuming that you got 1.8.6 version)

then you will see a snort-1.8.6 directory
do a
cd snort-1.8.6

there you will see all files.

now do
and a

make install

After this you will be able to run snort :)

./configure will look for any libpcap library available.
if you do not have libpcap download the same from tcpdump.org

and install it

same above step applies.

tar zvxf libpcap-0.6.2.tar.gz
cd libpcap-0.6.2
make install

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  Are you starting off by downloading a snort-1.8.*.tar.gz ?

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    Yes, I'm an idiot I know what you're thinking.. Ok, in a nutshell I cant
do ANYTHING with snort except snort -v   . I want to be able to use the NIDS

    Im running freebsd 4.6. I installed snort by /stand/sysinstall then
packages, security, then snort.

    Maybe it's because my IQ is below a dozen I dont know, but I cant get
NIDS running for the life of me.    freebsd installed snort in

    So far my problems are:

    1. I cant find snort.conf (or any snort file for that matter)

    2. Permissions?

    I made a directory called snort in /var/log to see if it would fix it
and then I did the command snort  -h -c
snort.conf -l/snort/ -dev

    still an error message!

    If someone has the time/patience and kindness to email me step by step
idiot proof directions I would be forever in your debt. I am totally lost

    Lost man

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