[Snort-users] sanity check

McCammon, Keith Keith.McCammon at ...3497...
Mon Jul 8 06:17:03 EDT 2002

> I've assigned the snort box an ip of to the eth0 
> and plugged it 
> into the back of the linksys and designated that address as 
> the dmz host.

A DMZ is not a monitoring segment.  Unless you're routing traffic to the DMZ, systems there won't see anything. 

> Now as I understand it the linksys should expose the snort box to the 
> internet without firewall filtering and I should see some 
> scans from the 
> script kiddies on the internet....
> Am I right here? Or...should I put the eth1 into a hub 
> infront of the linksys?
> jim kelly

Put eth1 into a hub in front of the router.  This will allow Snort to see everything that the router's external interface sees, which is (generally) speaking) what you want.

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