[Snort-users] Problems logging to syslog

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Problems logging to syslogcommand line=yes, snort.conf file=NO, it seems
only one person on this list has got that working and he's on winXP, not a
single user of win2k has it working from the snort.conf file. did you have
it working before via the snort.conf, if so, what version of snort were you
running? maybe it can give the developers a clue as to what stopped it from
btw, for snort command line on win2k and latest ver of snort i use
snort -c c:\snort\snort.conf -s xx.xx.xx.xx:514 -o

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  Perhaps someone can help me with my problem?  I've been happily using an
older version of Snort for long time.  I recently upgraded to Snort Version
1.8.7b121 that is on the silicondefense site.  Of course the rule
sets/snort.conf are now a little different, but that is not my problem.  My
problem is that I no longer seem to be able to syslog to a remote server by
using the

  -s xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx command line switch.  Up till this upgrade, I've had no
problem running Snort on a W2kPro workstation and having it log to a remote
syslog server.

  Has anyone gotten this to work by either using the command line or config
file?  If so, would you help out by flipping me the config settings?



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