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Thu Jul 4 11:02:05 EDT 2002


On Thu, Jul 04, 2002 at 09:31:58AM +0100, David Alexandre M. de Carvalho wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a red hat linux 7.2 configured to be a gateway to a masquerade network using ipchains.
> I have lot's of snort logs, but the most frequent are:
> "ICMP - redirect host. Classification: Potencially bat traffic".
> If I add the rule /sbin/ipchains -N icmp-acc to accept standard ICMP errors, and a few more "config"
> will this reduce the size of my logs ? Since they are mostly these messages.

I'm going to say, no, not at all, although the full text of what's in
the snort logs would be helpful to see, as well as your snort version
etc etc etc...

The snort alert is probably this:

alert icmp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET any (msg:"ICMP redirect
host";itype:5;icode:1; reference:arachnids,135;
reference:cve,CVE-1999-0265; classtype:bad-unknown; sid:472; rev:1;)

in icmp.rules; if you add a user-defined rule to ipchains, that's
going to affect ipchains, only.

You might try commenting-out that rule in icmp.rules; or, changing it
from an "alert" to a "pass" and start snort with a -o added to the
command line.

Personally, I've got my ipchains rules set up to DENY icmp redirects

-A input -s 5:5 -d -i ppp0 -p 1 -j DENY -l

As well as this:

# Disable ICMP Redirect Acceptance
for f in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/*/accept_redirects; do
    echo "0" > $f

which may be redundant...

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