[Snort-users] ACID: scrambled references when moving/copying to archive.

Jesus Couto jesus.couto at ...3830...
Thu Jul 4 05:01:04 EDT 2002


Seems there is a problem with ACID, latest version (0.9.6b21). When you 
move or copy alerts to the archive database, the links to the 
vulnerability libraries dont get moved/copied like they should; the 
order of the vulnerabilities libraries in reference_system is different 
in the "master" and "archive" databases are not the same, but 
ref_system_id is copied as it is, so, for example, what is a reference 
to Bugtraq in the "master" ends as a broken refernce to arachNIDS in the 

Its this a bug, or I've something misconfigured?

Thanks in advance.

Jesús Couto F.

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