[Snort-users] re: instant snort sigs for new vulnerabilites

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Wed Jul 3 07:32:07 EDT 2002

My solution is to 'manage' my rulesets via ActiveWorx IDS Policy Manager
from my normal Win32 desktop. I would never trust an auto-update in a
production environment.

IDS Policy Manager has great features including auto-updates and merging. It
even allows you to securely upload via SCP. Adding a simple dumby-file to
the upload can be used to script a restart of a node.


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On Wednesday 03 July 2002 09.15, Maarten wrote:

> One downside: oinkmaster deactivates (at least the version I once
> downloaded) sids by placing a "#" at the beginning of a rule. 

I only does so for the sids you tell Oinkmaster to disable. This is a
and I don't get why this would be a downside.
(Or would you for some reason prefer that the unwanted rules were removed 
instead of commented out?)

> It also
> activates all rules with a "#" at the beginning of a line when they are
> specified by oinkmaster. Since the new 1.9 rules are commented out with a
> "#", you will have problems with 1.8 because oinkmaster uncomments the
> lines.

... Unless you specify "-p" which will preserve the commented out lines.

I agree this is stupid, and this has been changed in 0.6 which will be 
released as soon as I have a free minute :)

Andreas Östling

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