[Snort-users] MYSQL Database notgetting populated

Sarabjit Singh sarab at ...6221...
Tue Jul 2 07:30:03 EDT 2002

I am new to snort but am willing to get into it to the fullest.
I have Redhat 7.3 and have installed latest MYSQL, PHP and Snort from rpms.
I use webmin to configure snort.
I also installed acid to view snort reports.
My acid configuration works, it opens the snort database and shows me all
the webpages but with no data. Everything in snort database is empty.
Snort is generating text logs but I am assuming, its not putting stuff in
MYSQL database.
I have the following line in my snort.conf
output database: log, mysql, dbname=snort user=snort host=localhost
I know that the above user is configured properly to access database. My
problem is that I cannot see(or I don’t know where to look for) snort logs
that would tell me if the database connection is working or not.

Thanks in advance

Sarabjit Singh
Transbeam Network Operations
Ph. 212-683-8330 Fax. 212-683-9859
sarab at ...6221...

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