[Snort-users] strange promiscous mode behavior

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Thu Jan 31 23:33:02 EST 2002

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Ben Keepper wrote:

> I am having a fit trying to figure this one out.


> Shouldn't I be able to see any data between the router and firewall with
> a tcpdump?

No, these aren't the packets you are looking for.

Move along....


(I just re-watched it!  I can't help it!)

Have you checked out the FAQ?  There's one that addresses an issue almost
identical to yours....

(Since snort.org's FAQ page seems to be unhappy at the moment, please use my


If that's not it, well....  It's late and I should be sleeping or drinking
coffee....  Hrm....  What to do, what to do....  :)

Erek Adams

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