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Thu Jan 31 17:10:23 EST 2002

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-> Don't belive me that such a bypass is possible? Read a bit about how 
-> purposefully sending tcp segments out-of-order helps this:
-> http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1540
-> (interestingly that article pointed out a pcap latency bit 
-> on BSD variants 
-> I was unaware of.)

Ok. This captured my attention since I am running snort on OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

And btw, flexresp doesn't work with Openbsd if snort is run on a stealth
interface. I tried it on 3 different openbsd machine. Though, I only tried it
on Openbsd 3.0. Btw, flexresp works in FreeBSD on a stealth interface.

I'll read that article.

Thanks Matt.


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