[Snort-users] Cisco IDS blade in Catalyst switch

Jerry A. Shenk jshenk at ...514...
Wed Jan 30 09:12:05 EST 2002

Oh, you're right....it's completely off-topic.  We are using Snort as part
of the IDS solution here as well.  I'm really wondering if there isn't some
way to use that hardware to pull data in for snort.  I'll check the other
list, thanks.

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> You might try the focus-ids mailing list, which we host.
> http://securityfocus.com/archive/96
> Cisco IDS stuff is a little off-topic for the Snort list, I think.
> 					Ryan
> On Wed, 30 Jan 2002, Jerry A. Shenk wrote:
> > Does anybody know anything about the IDS blade in a Catalyst?
> I'm working
> > with a company that purchased a Catalyst 6000 switch and an IDS
> blade but
> > they don't have a director anywhere.  Can this thing be used like a span
> > port or is there any other use for this thing without buying
> "Cisco Secure
> > Policy Manager (CSPM)" or "Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Director"?

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