[Snort-users] Help getting Snort working with mysql

Graham, Randy (RAW) RAW at ...4721...
Tue Jan 29 07:17:21 EST 2002

OK, I must be totally brain damaged, because there is absolutely no way I
can figure out how to get snort working with mysql.  I don't know if I'm
setting up mysql wrong, or snort wrong, or what, but I can't get it working,
and I'm not sure how to perform some of the steps listed in the
README.database file.  Would anyone be willing to help me on or off list
with this?

I'd be glad to just post my problems here if there is a need, but since I
don't imagine this is of use to most readers of the list, I thought I'd wait
and see if someone wanted to help me off list before filling up the list
with personal support questions.


Randy Graham
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