[Snort-users] MySQL Logging ?

Brian Ipsen snort-bipsen at ...4712...
Mon Jan 28 11:48:03 EST 2002


I tried to change the interface to the main interface on the PC, but that 
didn't give me anything in the sql table either (sniffing in snortd set to 
eth0 which I also use for communicating with the box through http and ssh) - 
Trying to "fire" snot to trigger events in the database didn't help...
For some wierd reason it seems like bad traffic isn't always logged into my 
syslog - guess I'll have to check up on things to ensure the basic 
configuration is right (and my compile options has been set correctly). 


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> On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Brian Ipsen wrote: 
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> > where interface for test purposes has been set to lo 
> This would be the issue.  Loopbacks don't ever really pass 
> any traffic.
> Normally the kernel will 'short-circuit' and bring them right 
> back to the box,
> w/o hitting the pcap layer.  If it doesn't hit the pcap 
> layer, snort will
> never see it to log it, and you'll get nothing in the DB. 
> Try your main ether and see what's going on.  That should get 
> you some traffic
> coming in.... 
> Easy test:  Compare the output of "snort -dv -i 
> <non-loopback>" to the output
> of "snort -dv -i <loopback>".  Force some traffic over each 
> interface (ping -i
> <if>) and see if there is a difference. 
> Hope that helps! 
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