[Snort-users] Ok, fixed on problem but running into another

Kevin M Moker kevin.moker at ...3130...
Fri Jan 25 17:57:02 EST 2002

C:\snort\snortsnarf\utilities>c:\snort\snortsnarf\snortsnarf.pl -d
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\logs -dns -db
c:\snort\snortsnarf\ann-dir\annotation-base.xml -cgidir http://localhost/cgi
Can't locate SnortFileInput.pm in @INC (@INC contains: ./include C:/Perl/lib
C:/Perl/site/lib .) at C:\snort\snortsnarf\snortsnarf.pl line 209. BEGIN
failed--compilation aborted at C:\snort\snortsnarf\snortsnarf.pl line 209.

The above is another error ran into while trying to compile the logs.  Does
anyone know what the error is? What should I be looking for?


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