[Snort-users] HTTP robot detection?

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Thu Jan 24 13:47:05 EST 2002

Actually I mean a robot that you download....like a utility you can use to
download an entire website to your local drive so you can browse it later
etc. These type of robot tools grab all URL's at a very fast pace from a web
site. I'm wondering if this can be detected somehow......thanks

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If one does not want a robot to copy its site one can specify that order in
"robot.txt". Hence, robots are supposed to look for "robot.txt".

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> Anyone have any ideas on this one?
> I was wondering if there was a way to make Snort detect someone running an
> automated script or robot against a website the way it checks for
> portscans?
> For example, Snort flags traffic as a portscan when there are
> connections to
> a certain number of ports on one host within a certain time
> period. Is there
> way to do this with URLs? For example, so many URLs accessed at one IP
> address within a certain time period would be flagged as some sort of
> automated tool or robot scanning a site?
> Thanks!
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