[Snort-users] RE: [Snort-sigs] Outbound string contains c m d.exe, but from whe re?

Cessna, Michael MCessna at ...3439...
Thu Jan 24 08:20:08 EST 2002

Since the source of your packets is the same (209.128.247:%PORT%)...What is
that ip? Is it one of your ip's? Also I have seen this rule triggered quite
a lot with Exchange Web Mail. Do you have Web Mail Servers on your Net? My
snort gets really pissed off whenever I read my snort mail over the web!

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Oh great wizards of snort....are any of you seeing outbound c m d . e x e
where it ought not to be?

I am seeing the following string in some infrequent packets exiting my nat
router that sits in front of my outbound proxy array:

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