[Snort-users] snort rules from snort.org and sourceforge

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Wed Jan 23 19:59:06 EST 2002

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-> Both.  the signatures from snort.org are maintained in CVS.  
-> We automagicly
-> pull them once every $REGULARBASIS (don't remember off the 
-> top of my head.
-> once an hour seems right, but not sure) and generate the tgz.
-> Not very long from now we are going to be adding new 
-> features to the signatures
-> so we will be maintaining the signatures in both CURRENT and 
-> SNORT_1_8.  When 
-> that starts happening, there will be two seperate files for 
-> sigs available 
-> from snort.org
-> When this happens, notificataion will be sent to 
-> snort-users, snort-sigs and
-> posted to the website.  

Ok. It's because, the date in http://www.snort.org/downloads.html#1.14
confused me. It's outdated.



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