[Snort-users] Access denied error in MySQL

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Wed Jan 23 10:53:11 EST 2002

Did you do a 'flush privileges' after the grant statement?
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I did it...but even though it is giving me the same error.
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Looks like you just need to add INSER,SELECT,CREATE,DELETE on snortout.* to
outthere@ <mailto:outthere at ...4654...> host130.xyz.com 
 I have snort 1.8.3 + MySQL + ACID running in my ServerFarm. I want to
install another snort on external side i.e. outside firewall using same
MySQL server and ACID server in ServerFarm as Centralized server. I have
successfully installed another database named snortout on MySQL for it and
created another user named outthere and given INSER,SELECT,CREATE,DELETE on
snortout.* to outthere at ...274... rights on MySQL server.
When I am trying to run snort from outside firewall machine by executing
snort -c c:\snort\snort.conf -l c:\snort\logs -i1 it is giving me following
Database: mysql_error: Access denied for user: '@host130.xyz.com' to
database 'snortout'
Fatal Error, Quitting...
I have configured snort.conf on machine outside firewall for output log as
Output database: log, mysql, user=outthere dbname=snortout
host=host35.xyz.com sensor_name=DMZ
Host35.xyz.com is FQDN of MySQL centralized database server.
Host130.xyz.com is FQDN of machine out side of Firewall running snort.
Can someone help me out in solving this problem?
Thanks in advance.
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