[Snort-users] [off-topic] compilation problem

Ronneil Camara ronneilc at ...4042...
Wed Jan 23 07:02:25 EST 2002

Hi guys,

This is a bit off topic. I've got a question on snortsam. I am trying to compile
it on my redhat. Has anyone had a successful compilation in redhat?
Btw, I've got OPSEC SDK installed. I've got snortsam's header files refer to
OPSEC also.

I'll try to regenerate the errors again.



neil camara (ronneilc at ...4042...) - cc{na|sa}, mcse - pgp 0x777777B2 
network/security engineer - dl := +1(847) cn := +1(847) 
        echo "I love windows" | sed -e 's/wi/u/g' | cut -f1 -dd | \
              awk '/u/ {printf("%s %s %six\n",$1,$2,$3)}'
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