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Robert D. Hughes rob at ...1932...
Tue Jan 22 15:14:03 EST 2002

I'll up for Dallas. Heck, since I'm a generous kind of guy and married
to a very geek tolerant woman, I'll even volunteer my house in
Richardson if we need a place to meet. I've already got a small lab (9
systems running Solaris, NT, BSD, Linux) set up, and am adding to it as
fast as possible.


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At 12:37 PM 1/22/2002 -0600, Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt wrote:
>On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Patrick S. Harper wrote:
> > I would love to see one started in Houston.  Either a snort/IDS or a
> > general network/internet security group.
>         As would I. Is your thought a mailing list/newsgroup/similar
>         forum, or a lunch bunch or group that would otherwise meet
>         from time to time?
>                 -g

I would be interested in the outcome of this possibility. If i can not
any takers for the Dallas area, Houston is not that far for an

J. Craig Woods
UNIX/NT System Administration
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