[Snort-users] Snort+flexresp and "raw socket for libnet"

Tudor Panaitescu tpanaitescu at ...2032...
Tue Jan 22 14:03:05 EST 2002

Definitely yes, builtin the kernel. Still not working. I am recompiling the
kernel right now with packet as module, maybe it'll do the trick.


Chris Green <cmg at ...671...> on 01/22/2002 04:31:32 PM

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"Tudor Panaitescu" <tpanaitescu at ...2032...> writes:

> This is exactly what I did, downloaded the sources (actually src.rpms),
> and installed libnet, modified the .spec file to compile only the
> plain+flexresp, compile and install. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Is anybody
> else experiencing the same problem ?

have you enabled packet socket under networking optionss in your
kernel configuration.   libnet on snort.org was compiled with
Chris Green <cmg at ...671...>
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