[Snort-users] email problems with ACID

James Lowey unix_no_win at ...131...
Tue Jan 22 10:03:08 EST 2002

Hopefully this is the correct list!
I am having problems with ACID sending email on a
query.  I am using Snort 1.8.3 connecting to a mysql
database 3.23.47, php 4.06 and ACID 0.9.6b19.  
Here is what happens:
I select an IP address in ACID for a query, it runs
gives me the list of alerts,  then I try to send it to
my email account by selecting the action of email
alerts and put my email address in the action argument
field,  the query runs then spits out this error:

EXPORT ERROR: Could not send exported alerts to ''.
Check the mail configuration in PHP

The debug info (level 2 in ACID) is as follows:

==== EXPORT-full Alerts ========
num_alert = 660
action_sql = SELECT acid_event.sid, acid_event.cid
FROM acid_event WHERE acid_event.sid > 0 AND ( (
acid_event.ip_src=3492819333 ) )
action_op = Selected
action_arg = myemail at ...3526...
action_param = 
context = 1
limit_start = -1
limit_offset = -1
using_blobs = 

Gathering elements from 1 alert blobs

Then it spits out the "EXPORT" error..

This is driving me nuts!!

Thanks for any help!

James Lowey

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