[Snort-users] AW: (Snort-users) AW: (Snort-users) Newbie Question..

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Sun Jan 20 22:22:02 EST 2002

Morning Edwin,
> Afternoon Sandro,
>     i've checked your URL and it's a good reference indeed.
> but i've fond
> some syntax errors in the snort-check program when i'm
> testing it. though i
> tried modifying it but i still some errors. do u have the latest one?
>     i really wanted to test aprogram that will alert me via
> email based from
> my snort logs. (im running RH7.2)
> # Modified Program:
> #!/bin/sh
> recipientfile=/etc/snort/recipients
> if a recipient file exists
> if [ -s "$recipientfile" ] ; then
>    # generate the recipientlist with email adresses.
>    for i in `cat $recipientfile` ; do
>      recipients="$recipients "$i
>    done
>    echo "$*" | mail -s "Snort-Alert!!!" "$recipients"
> fi

I checked the modified program on RH 7.0 and 7.2 and it worked without error.
The only thing I did was adding a # before the line
"if a recipient file exists"

Could you please be more specific if the error still exists? Please include the
error message and line number. You may take a look on /bin/sh: If it does not
point to /bin/bash then this may be the error. Replace #!/bin/sh with
#!/bin/bash. I will fix this in the next version to be more specific.


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