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Your syntax looks good.  The privileges are listed in the db table, not the user table.  Do a:


and you should see the user that you created and the appropriate permissions.

Have you tried to do a FLUSH PRIVILEGES to reload the grant tables?  Give this a try and see if it works.

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     I am currently running Snort 1.8 with mysql and acid all on one
computer running windows NT server.  If I put mysql on another server when
I start snort I always get an error when it tries to access the database on
the remote computer.  I have changed my output line to the ip address of
the new server so I have

output database: log, mysql, username=<username> password=<password>
dbnam=snort host=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

the error is
mysql error access denied for user <username>@ip address using password:

I am assuming the YES stands for it is trying to use a password, not that
the password is YES (which would be incorrect.)

If I go into mysql and issue a
grant INSERT,SELECT,CREATE,DELETE on snort.* to <username>@ipaddress
mysql will put <username>@ipaddress in the user table
if I select * from user
then it show <username>@ipaddress with n in every entry.  I am assuming
this means it really hasn't been granted access.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


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