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Chris Green cmg at ...671...
Thu Jan 17 15:05:04 EST 2002

"Warrick FitzGerald" <wfitzgerald at ...4613...> writes:

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> Hi All,
> I know this is a real newbie question, but Im sorry I'v been stuck for a
> day and a half and really need some help. 
> When installing "snort-1.8.1-1mdk.i586.rpm" i get the following error :

Warning: thats a very old version of snort

> error: failed dependencies:
>         libpcap >= 0.4 is needed by snort-1.8.1-1mdk
>         libpcap.so.0   is needed by snort-1.8.1-1mdk
> Yes this seems simple and I know Im going to feel stupid when I hear the
> answer but here is what I have done to fix the problem.
> A. Tried to install libpcap, but am not 100% sure how to tell if it is
> installed correctly. However rpm -q reveals that it is not

rpm -q libpcap

>  [root at ...4614... root]# rpm -qa | grep libp libpng2-1.0.12-2mdk
> libpilot-link4-0.9.5-3mdk
>     the confusing thing though is that tcpdump works ???? HOW ????

Statically linked pcap into the binary.
> B. My Path looks something like this :

FYI $PATH doesn't have anything to do with that library problem. 
> If anyone can tell me what Im doing wrong, I would really appreciate

You need to install libpcap, preferably a very current one.  I'd
recommend downloading the current beta pcap and compiling snort
against that.

When you compile snort, use --with-libpcap-libraries=~/src/libpcap---
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