[Snort-users] WatchGuard Firebox2

Bill Shaffer billshaffer at ...4566...
Wed Jan 16 06:50:08 EST 2002

Has anyone been able to use fbidsmate.exe with snort? This utility
allows a hostile ip to be placed in the firewall log so that it will be
blocked. WatchGuard has not published the whitepaper on how to set this
utility up, since this utility was not made by them. They do claim that
this will work with snort, and hope to have some documentation out
within the next month. I can get the utility to block a Hostile IP if I
use the following command within snort.conf...fbidsmate.exe
(<-- My IP) password (<-- pass to firebox) add_hostile (<--test
IP). This will block all communication for My problem is how do
I tell fbidsmate what the hostile IP is in the alert. 
I have tried fbidsmate.exe (<-- My IP) password (<-- pass to
firebox) add_hostile *.*.*.* (<--test IP). This does not work. I'm
guessing I have to direct this command to the logged alert. If anyone
has set this up and could direct me to a link describing how to do this
or give me the command line to use I would greatly appreciate it. 
Bill Shaffer
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