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Wed Jan 16 06:27:10 EST 2002

On Wed, 2002-01-16 at 08:32, noorulsadiqin azbiya wrote:
> anyone who have the manual for installing snort and
> other files related to it on redhat linux7.2..please
> help me
Okay maybe you didn't get the answer I sent you & cced on this list
before & maybe you have trouble understanding what I'm saying. So here
I'm repeating the same thing over with correct english: 

Please do read the README & INSTALL files that come with the source
distribution of snort. This usually comes as a single gzipped tarball
named something like snort-*.tar.gz or snort-*.tgz. Open this tarball by
using the command 'tar -zxvf snort-*.tar.gz' or 'tar -zxvf snort-*.tgz'.
This will create a directory called snort-*. enter the command 'cd
snort-*'. there an 'ls' will show you the README and INSTALL file. To
read them, either use 'more README' and 'more INSTALL' or 'vi -R README'
and 'vi -R INSTALL'. All what I have said up to now apply to someone who
build snort from source. 

You may also want to get a look at the faq available here:

and the documentation (manual) here:

For other <emphasis>specific</emphasis> questions, look first at the
list archive available here:

then ask here

I hope this is clear enough.

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