[Snort-users] Having Snort log to a remote SQL server...

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Wed Jan 16 02:29:04 EST 2002

I've posted a message on that earlier. (2002.01.10. 15:59)
I don't want to repost on the list, but if you didn't have the archive I'll
send it to you, if you wish.
    Gergely Szilagyi
    gergely at ...3671...

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Subject: [Snort-users] Having Snort log to a remote SQL server...

> I have three computers using Snort in Network Intrusion Detection Mode
> running Linux.  Yet, I'd like to have the Linux boxes running Snort log to
> Windows 2000 Sever Box running a SQL server.  The goal is to log to this
> central console and than run ACID through IIS.  Can this be done and if so
> please link me in the right direction.  To anyone who helps - Thank you,
> advance.

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