[Snort-users] Newbie Question..

Edwin Pua edwin1118 at ...125...
Tue Jan 15 20:12:05 EST 2002


  How will i enable my snort rules to communicate with snort.conf file and 
run in NIDS mode?

  I edited my snort.conf file to call my snort rules under 
/etc/snort/ddos.rules, /etc/snort/porn.rules, etc.
   The default before in the snort.conf file is without the/etc/snort path. 
Is this right to enable my snort rules?

# under /etc/snort/snort.conf

include /etc/snort/bad-traffic.rules
include /etc/snort/ddos.rules
include /etc/snort/porn.rules

   Thanx in advace.


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