[Snort-users] Puzzled with snort rules...

Edwin Gaton Pua, Engineer BIE,SCV EDWIN at ...4577...
Tue Jan 15 17:55:02 EST 2002

> Hi,
>      I've installed the snort-1.8.3-5.i386.rpm into my RH7.2 box as my ID
> sensor and it works so far when i ran commands in sniffer and packet
> logger mode (with -dv and -l) switches. It shows the real time packets and
> logged them into /var/log/snort directory.
>       But i want to run snort in NIDS mode and i am just puzzled on how to
> configure my snort.conf  to communicate with the default snort rules
> located in /etc/snort/ddos.rules, /etc/snort/exploit.rules, etc... do you
> have sample config of snort.conf that communicates properly with snort
> rules?
>       Grateful to your response.
> Regards,
> Edwin
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