[Snort-users] Flex Response woes

Cody Hatch cody at ...4571...
Tue Jan 15 09:12:11 EST 2002

Hi, I'm having difficulty with the Flex Response capabilities in Snort
1.8.3.  I've been unable to find anything on Google, Dejanews, or
elsewhere on the Internet that helps me with my problem.  Whenever I run
Snort with the "react" component of a rule Snort doesn't block the
connection (that's what I have it set to do).  It will alert just fine,
but won't block.  I get "Critical: SendTCP: libnet_write_ip" piped out
to the screen numerous times.  I've got libnet installed and have
compiled Snort with flex response enabled.  I'm completely lost as to
what the problem is.  Can anyone help me?


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