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Bruno Gimenes Pereti pereti at ...3411...
Tue Jan 15 03:24:03 EST 2002

Hello Fernando,

First, write in portuguese to our portuguese list. Words from Alex to the
list last year:

There is a snort list in Brazil, in portuguese.
To subscribe, snort-subscribe at ...1601...


Now, you need to give us more information about what you are doing. What is
your command line? Is your NIC in promiscue mode (does you receve a message
in console or syslog saying entering in promiscue mode) ?
Snort usually alerts only when you receive packet that he consider offencive
(part of a attack), maybe it didn't alert because you didn't received any
known packet.

Please subscribe to our brasilian list, I prefer to write in portuguese :)

PS: another thing, use plain text when you write to a mailing list.


Bruno Pereti.

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From: Fernando
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Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 9:51 AM
Subject: [Snort-users] Help Snort

in portuguese
Galera, eu estou utilizando o snort, porem eu o coloco em minha rede e
coloco no snort.conf para analisar a rede ou seja a rede
inteira porem ele nao pega nada, so me mostra algo qdo eu pingo a placa de
rede dele ou qdo eu faco o contrario dele eu pingo outra maquina, e nao e
isto q eu queria, eu gostaria q ele ficasse ouvindo a rede inteira, ou
melhor q qdo eu pingasse de uma estacao outra estacao ele pegasse e logasse.

in English
Guys, im using the snort, so i put my network in the HOME_NET
but my snort dont do nothing, dont log anything, i dont know what happen.
And i want that snort been stay listening all my network or that ping that
one station another station the snort server make a log this ping. Please
Help me. I dont know to do. Thanks

Fernando Faustino

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