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Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Tue Jan 15 00:35:05 EST 2002

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Abe L. Getchell wrote:

> Hi Neil,

[...very, very, good points snipped...]

Abe is right on the money.  And as he said "Management wants to have someone
to point a finger at."  That is _oh_ so true....  That will be the biggest
thing thrown in your face in regards to open source software.

As an exercise to the readers:  Try to log a call with MS tech support as an
single user from a company who doesn't know about the site license.  Go on--I
dare ya!

> <soapbox>
> Oh, commercial Snort support aside, I find that the "yahoo's" on this
> mailinglist know more about the product they're "supporting" than 99% of
> the people I talk to on high-dollar support lines do about the products
> they're _paid_ to support!  Whenever I've had a question about or a
> problem with Snort, it's been answered quickly and accurately by one of
> the regulars on this, or the development, mailinglist.  Thanks guys!
> </soapbox>

As a card carrying "yahoo", I'll second Abe's statement.  :)  About the only
time questions don't ever get off the ground here are ones like "Help, I need
to make snort work.  How?"  Or something as equally inane.  This isn't a flame
biased list--Try OpenBSD-MISC for that! ;-)  It is a list that expects you to
do _some_ homework.  Read the man page, read the USAGE and FAQ files (Posted
here weekly!!  Thanks Brian!).  Grab a copy of the .PDF manual and _print_ it.
Put it in a binder and write in/on it.  And if you've got a great tidbit of
info, _SHARE_ with the group!  Trust me when I say you'll be suprised with the


Erek Adams

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