[Snort-users] Red Hat or Mandrake?

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Mon Jan 14 23:51:03 EST 2002

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Abe L. Getchell wrote:

> Hey Erek!

Hello Abe!  Glad to see you're still alive and kickin'!

> Bah, always with the "don't use Linux"! =)

*cough*  *cough*  I'm sorry, I couldn't hear that, I've got a security hole in
my RPMs.  ;-)

> FWIW, I've read that Sun didn't cancel Solaris x86, they just put the
> release of the next version on hold for a while.

*sigh*  Yeah, I read that too--I'm just afraid that 'for a while' will end up
being "Till the product is EOL'ed."

> Of course I did read this on Slashdot... and everyone knows that everything
> you read on Slashdot is true. ;-)

Why of course!  Why else would it exist?!?  :)

Lemme be quick and jump to the point before the nay-sayers line up to stone
me:  "Use the _best_ OS for the job."  If you don't know *BSD or <insert brand
here>, then you shouldn't use it.  I'm far from trying to start a Holy War on
OS's--I just want folks to realize that Linux isn't always the "best/only"
solution.  There are many, many other OS'es out there that will run on an x86
platform other than Solaris and Linux.  I just think we (as admins/security
geeks) should examine each for thier own merits, not just to "keep up with the

I've got my _personal_ issues with Linux.  Those will prolly never change, no
matter how much I'm beat on by my Linux Geek friends.  I'd say it's safe to
say I've had more talks about the inner workings of the damned kernel than I
care to...  But at least it was over pool and beers!  ;-)  I'm of an odd
breed, I'll use whatever I need to get the job done.  AIX, HP/UX, IRIX,
Solaris, Linux, *BSD or VMS.  Done them all.  For one reason or another, I
disliked something(s) about each.  *shrug*  Guess I'll just need to write my
own OS one day...  ;-)


Erek Adams

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