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Hi Neil,

A big part of that is asking "what are the advantages of running an open
source application versus a closed source application"?  There have been
_many_ discussions about this on numerous mailinglists and you can
probably dig up a number of those through http://www.google.com/ or
http://groups.google.com/.  Try searching through some of the open
source advocacy web sites and newsgroups, you'll find plenty of good

They _will_ come at you with the support issue... "Commercial NIDS have
a vendor behind it supporting the product 100%.  That open source stuff
just has a bunch of yahoo's on a mailinglist to help you out!". =)  But
now that Marty has started SourceFire (http://www.sourcefire.com/)
offering "commercial" Snort solutions, and Silicon Defense
(http://www.silicondefense.com/) providing support for the open source
version, that argument really doesn't hold water.  They _will_ try to
use it too.  Management _loves_ to have a vendor to point their finger
at when something goes wrong.

Oh, commercial Snort support aside, I find that the "yahoo's" on this
mailinglist know more about the product they're "supporting" than 99% of
the people I talk to on high-dollar support lines do about the products
they're _paid_ to support!  Whenever I've had a question about or a
problem with Snort, it's been answered quickly and accurately by one of
the regulars on this, or the development, mailinglist.  Thanks guys!


Abe L. Getchell
Security Engineer
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> hi guys,
> what would be the ideal answers coz i am always being asked 
> what benefits 
> do i gain from snort over commercial IDSes?
> thanks.
> neil
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