[Snort-users] Red Hat or Mandrake?

Mark Palmer, CCNA palmerm at ...4558...
Mon Jan 14 18:18:02 EST 2002

I am somewhat new to the Linux nature of computing (and loving it!!!).  I am
trying to add some key components to our mostly Windows network.

I have enjoyed the relative ease of installing Mandrake.  This does not mean
you leave it as is out of the box.  It still needs to be configured
carefully (run only services you need running, duh ;)

I've installed Mandrake 8.x on several different boxes (from a Dell server,
to a Toshiba laptop, to a computer someone thought was "dead" because
Windows would not load on to it).  Every install has be smooth.

I have found the biggest trouble to be deciding what features to include.
It comes with so many resources.  It does seem to lack some of the cool
mutlimedia stuff Windows has to offer (the soundcard I have is not

Hope this helped.

Mark Palmer, Director ITS 

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